BIG NEWS! STAK is one of the winners of No. 10's Big Society Awards....

St Austell Community Kitchen for the Vulnerable and Needy is a charitable organisation that helps people with a meal or soup with bread and a hot drink. Funded by donations of food and monies by people of St Austell, the churches and other groups of individuals.   

STAK provides hot lunches for £1 and sandwiches, cakes and cold and hot drinks are available throughout the day.   

With funding from Cornwall Rural Community Council, STAK has recently bought six laptops and a printer and now runs computer courses for its clients and volunteers.
Covering basic IT, literacy, numeracy and have started doing budgeting, as this is one of the major things people have problems with. A computer club, with free wi-fi access, is held on a Wednesday afternoon and is used to help people look for jobs, accommodation and keep in touch with their families.

"STAK is a friendly place with a family feel and people often say to us whenever 
they pass by they can hear laughter." - Kim Matthews, Project Manager
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STAK News and Updates
  • June 2012

    Queen's voluntary award for St Austell Community Kitchen

  • June 2012

     Cornwall Rural Community Council funding computers for STAKS new computer club

St Austell Community Kitchen
STAK serves around 4,000 meals a year and has been running for more than 20 years.